Sunday, August 10

8 Months

This year is ticking along really quickly, and ERP turned 8 months old last week.  I've already started thinking about his first birthday.  Gasp!!  I can't get over how much he's grown.  We're still nursing, and we're still working on sleeping better.  ERP is sitting like a pro, and is getting very close to being mobile. Just before he turned 8 months old we added in a second meal of solids per day, but then he started getting constipated so we backed off.

ERP is still my little peanut.  He's wearing a 3-6 month cloth size typically. He just started wearing a size 3 disposable diaper.  And I may finally have to move the straps on his car-seat up. Speaking of diapers, this month ERP had a terrible diaper rash. More terrible than any rash his brothers ever had. So he spent a good week without diapers, except when he was sleeping or we were out.  (Yes, our floors and all his seats were covered in doggie-wee-wee-pads... it was a great look NOT!)  Now that was fun. I think the cause was a funk in our cloth diapers, so those went out to be professionally sanitized, after a failed attempt at home to do so.  Who knew these services even existed?

So... what I want to remember from this month:

~ I really noticed that ERP has a sacral dimple
~ How he rubs his head and pulls his hair when we are nursing and he's sleepy
~ That is finally likes bathes
~ How much he still hates showers - he cries just hearing them
~ Actually he cries anytime anyone else cries
~ And he cries over loud noises
~ How he learned to splash in the bathtub
~ If he is in the kitchen while we are making dinner, he needs to be eating otherwise he screams
~ Those 2 weeks of wonderful sleep where he was only getting up twice to nurse
~ How excited he is to see me when I get in from the office
~ The day we went to playgroup and he stood there shaking a toy and yelling his head off
~ The night he pulled himself up to his knees in his crib
~ Playing "ball" with Teddy
~ His hair finally growing in on the bald spot on the back of his head
~ The first time he had broccoli - he LOVES it
~ He mastered using a straw cup
~ He had his first shopping trip where he sat in the carriage - he started out well, then ended the trip laying on his back and hanging his feet out of the cart... we're back to babywearing while shopping
~ He started sleeping unswaddled, and became a side and back sleeper

And now what you've been waiting for...


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