Tuesday, August 26


While at the park this afternoon a little girl, maybe 4 or so, was watching me put ERP into his baby carrier.  She was fascinated by the process.

Girl: What's that?
Me: A carrier for the baby.  It makes bringing him places easier.
Girl's Mom: You had one like that.  Don't you remember it?
Girl: Will it hurt him?
Me: Nope.  Watch this. *finish putting ERP into the carrier* See he's all set.
Girl: *stares very intently*
Me: Look, it's magic. *raise my hands above my head* No hands and I can carry him.
Girl: Turn around.  Let me see for sure.
Me: *turn around and around with my hands in the air*
Girl: Wow!  That is magic.

The power of babywearing.

Double magic for him falling asleep in two point five seconds.


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