Monday, August 4

Down One

This week the Big Boy is at camp.

This means we are down to two children at home.

A baby and a three year old.

In some ways it has been easier having just the two kids closer in age.  No one to pick on TT, which means TT is crying less, which means ERP is crying less... because well ERP is a sensitive flower and cries when other cries... or when there is a loud noise...

But at the same time we, Husband and I, don't have that extra set of hands, that extra set of eyes that we've come to rely on.

When I found out RR was going to be a big brother, I swore I would never make him "watch" his brothers all the time.... because I swear that is how I spent half of my childhood.... watching my brothers.

And yet, here I am.  Down one child.... and wishing I had him around for the help.

He really is growing into a fine young man.  He loves his brothers and is very caring for them.  He takes his "over seeing" of them very seriously.  Like his name means - he is a wise protector.


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