Friday, November 2

It's a Bird... It's Plane

.... It's a super awesome deal.

I love getting a deal.  Ok, really who doesn't?

At lunch today I went to one of my favorite consignment shop looking to score some fall/winter items for the boys.  And boy oh boy did I ever score.

For $33.50 I got TT a new light weight raincoat, 2 pairs of pants (Gymbore and Ralph Lauren - sweetness), and 3 pairs of PJs; and I got RR 2 long-sleeve shirts.  So that's 8 items for $33.50; that's around $4 per item.  And we're talking good quality, nearly new stuff here.  Ok, sometimes you can score new with tags.

Now if only I could score clothes for Husband and I at such a bargain   Oh, wait, I can sort of.

You see there are two consignment shops by my work; one that caters only to children and one that serves the whole family.  Personally I prefer the kid centered one for my wee-ones, I like the selection and service better.  It's run by this old lady who loves to gab.  I know more about her family and grandkids than some of the people I work with.  But really either is great.  I have no idea what it is about the area but we do not have consignment shops like this by me.  Really that should be my retirement plan, to open a shop similar to these in my community.

Consigment shops rock; especially for your kids - the way I see it why pay retail for something they are going to either outgrown or destroy wearing in 6 months time.  By the way; how do the people that sell their clothes to consignment shops get them to last so long?  Maybe my boys are just rougher on their stuff than most.


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