Saturday, November 10

This Is MY Rifle

"This is my rifle.  There are many like it, but this one is mine."

Ok, it's not actually his gun.  It's his big brother's; he got it on vacation with my mom this summer at Hampton Beach.  Thankfully it doesn't make noise anymore.  

Either way TT loves it.  He runs around the house, carrying it.  He has no idea what a rifle is for, but he knows his brother loves all sorts of cap guns, water pistols, bug vacuum guns, Nerf rifles and the like; and therefore TT must love the same.  He idolizes his older brother.  

Before RR was born I was THE perfect parent.  Weren't we all?  My kids were going to have very few plastic toys (oh, the evil of plastics) and they certainly were not going to play with toy guns.  

And then I had a child and I became more realistic.  


Sue said...

It took awhile though. There were many in Texas who couldn't figure out why you wouldn't let Ray have a toy gun.

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