Saturday, November 10

What it Takes

On a mother to mother board earlier this week I commented that breastfeeding success was 50% education and 50% support.

The more I thought about this statement the more I began to realize that other factors play a roll as well and words like: tenacity, dedication, and conviction came to mind.  However, now that I have had a few days to think about this I believe all of these secondary words and just that; and would be nothing without education and support.

There are a lot of obstacles that can arise when initiating breastfeeding, sure for some women it just happens naturally; but for the vast majority of us we encounter a trap or a trip-up or two.  However with breastfeeding education and support we can over come those hurdles.

And this brings me to breastfeeding booby traps.  Really, breastfeeding booby trap.  That's a real phrase, a real buzz word in the lactation community.  It stems from the fact that women are pressured to breastfeed and are then set-up for failure based on a number of cultural and institutional misgivings.  This has to do with everything from the barge of advertising from the formula companies, to off handed remarks from family members, to misinformed health care professionals.  See why education and support are so important?  Without them you are left to fight weaponless against these booby traps.

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