Saturday, November 17


While cleaning, better yet organizing, TT's room today it occurred to me that I never shared pictures of his "nursery" completed.  Although I am not even really sure it was ever a nursery; he slept in our room until he was a little over 6 months old.

That being said, we will be turning into a "big boy" room sooner rather than later as it is time to convert his crib into a toddler bed.  This means we need to do some re-arranging and toddler-proofing (toddlers can get into way more stuff than babies, I never understood why they call it baby-proofing) before the big change over.

Sleepy baby place.
The rainbow blanket was my brothers.
The ABC chart was RR's handed down from Nana.

TT's giant T above his bed.
I made this with extra material I had from making my cousin's baby a blanket.

Cozy nursing and reading nook.
The purple blanket is from the hospital.
The white blanket my aunt made.
The sun is another hand-me-down from RR, from my aunt.

It took me way too long to pick out these curtains.

Toys - glorious toys.
The Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, stolen from RR, is one of his favorite toys.
RR had the same monkey piano  until our dog ate it.  

Wall hangings - the blanket I made him that he doesn't like
and the monkey blanket Husband picked out for him that he also doesn't like.
Rosary beads courtesy of Nana, according to her you can never have enough.

And the cow jumped over the moon.  RR made him these candles.

So many stuffed animals, most of which are from RR.
(stuffed in the Moses basket TT slept in for about a week)
The hanging monkey was a first birthday gift (from yet another aunt).

Changing area (clearly I need to wash diapers).


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