Sunday, November 25


You can never leave Nana's house empty handed.  It has always been this way.  You visit, you leave with something - anything.  Over the years her parting gifts have gotten bigger and bigger; err better yet it's gotten to be more and more stuff.  When we were there 2 months ago she sent us home with 3 or 4 area rugs.  Really it's sad when you think about it; it's like she wants to make sure you have certain things before she leaves this Earth.

And then some visits you just leave with stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff; treasures as my boys put it.  Today's visit was one of those days.

We left with -

* 5 grinder rolls (leaving with food is a big one with Nana... no matter what you take food from her house)

* a banana-coffee-cake ring

* a toothbrush (new, thankfully)

* a pacifier (also new in the package, not sure why she had it)

* 2 sponge back-washers (the boys have been sword fighting with them)

* a 24" long shoe horn (she insisted Husband needed this)

* 2 sweaters

* 5 candy bars packed in an inner-office mail envelope (I may claim to the Milky Way Dark)

* 2 ski-outfits - his and hers matching set complete with ski pants and jackets

* slippers and slipper socks for the whole family (I have been told I need to wrap these for Christmas, but Husband already put his on)

* 4 neon colored baseball hats - old school style with the plastic adjustable strap in the back

* a set of 3 small plastic bowls

* the rest of the Chinese food from lunch

It's a bit big.  OK, a lot big.


The hats.  Good thing TT loves them.

Storage bowls for scout stuff I think.

That is the deadliest shoe horn I have ever seen.
She kept trying to send us home with a naked Barbie.  And I suppose I should have taken it to make her happy, but really... she was naked.


Sue said...

You better wrap those soxs like she said & I better start saving stuff for when I'm her age. She is my mentor you know. I love her so much.

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