Monday, May 13


As of May 9, 2013 I am an accredited Breastfeeding Counselor with Breastfeeding USA.

This has been a little more than a year in the making.  On May 15 of 2012 I was accepted into their comprehensive training class.  It has been a long year of reading and studying and taking exams (thankfully all on-line)... sometimes I didn't think I would ever finish and other times I was waiting to proceed.  I was one of the first candidates in the course, and the course was being developed as we went through it.

Now I am onto setting up my local chapter and getting ready to host meetings.  I will also be listed on their website as the contact person in my state and will get people calling and e-mailing looking for either on-line/phone or in person assistance.  I am eager to help others in their breastfeeding journey and to promote the ideas of evidence based breastfeeding support and connecting with other moms.

2013 is going to be a very exciting year.


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