Thursday, May 30

Shameless Brag

My boys rock.

Ha!!  Doesn't every parent say that?

But I have proof!!!

Why RR rocks -

  • When I asked RR where he lived; he said to me: In a dark timeless dimension.
  • His new favorite ice cream is Vienna Mocha Chunk.
  • He can't say Vienna; he says Vi-vi-vi-eee-na
  • When stating his e-mail address, instead of saying "at" he says "at special a (meaning the @)  
  • He repeatedly tries to eat hot peppers, because he is some how convinced he MUST like them

Why TT rocks -

  • He appreciates and understands how delicious blue cheese salad dressing is.
  • He thinks the funniest thing in the world is putting something on your head and then pretending to sneeze (and hence whatever is on your head falls off).
  • Sometimes, just sometimes, he warns you "I cry" before letting out a big old cry, sniffle and sob.
  • He likes coffee (don't worry we only give him a few sips of decaf every now and then)


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