Monday, May 20


One of the first blogs I ever wrote was called "Never Ending Questions".  I think I posted a total of four entries to it, and it dealt with dealing with RR and his being twice exceptional (gifted with Asperger's).

Tonight he posed such a question to me I actually considered resurrecting that blog.  

As I was tucking him in tonight he asked me what the difference was between carbon-monoxide and carbon dioxide.  I explained the molecular make-up and we began discussing where each one is found in the world around us and how they are different.  His conclusion was that neither was very good for humans since one can kill you quickly and the other lends a hand to global warming.  But if he had to live with "just one" he would pick the carbon dioxide since it won't kill him as fast.  

Where does he get this stuff from?


Rebecca said...

I am so impressed you could answer that question! I never would have been able to!!

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