Wednesday, May 8

This Morning

This morning TT woke up very determined.  I lifted him out of his crib and we went and sat on the rocking chair to nurse, just as we have done for years now.  As soon as we sat down he started asking for his "truck", so I put him down, turned on the light and told him to go get it.

He immediatly went over to the door and started pulling on the safety cover yelling "stuck" (which in TT speak sounds a lot like truck).  Clearly the truck he wanted wasn't in his bedroom.  I tried to distract him and coax him back over to nurse by opening the blinds and showing him the trees.  The trees have been his new thing lately, he needs to look at the trees outside while we nurse.  But that was a no go.

So I opened his bedroom door and told him "Ok, go get your truck."  He stopped and looked at me.  He gave me the "are you crazy" stare and demanded, "sack".  Ah yes, his sleep-sack.  He will not leave his bedroom wearing it.  So I took off the sleep sack and he stood at the top of the stairs staring at me like "well, aren't you going to carry me down, I certainly can't float down".  So down we went.  He raced around the house looking for it, calling out for it it tears "truck, truck".  But it was no where to be found.

I guessed, incorrectly, that it was left in my car yesterday... so I donned a pair of black dress shows along with my green and white polka dotted jamma-pants and pink t-shirt and went out looking for the car... praying no one saw me.  TT followed me to the porch, tears streaming down his face.  No truck.

It was time for the big guns and I woke up Husband.  "Did you look outside?" he asked... of course I did grumbling as I went back downstairs to a crying toddler.... then it hit me, oh that outside.  Outside on the porch where TT had been playing yesterday afternoon.  And sure enough that is where it was.  The truck was found an in the boys hands just as Husband made his way downstairs.  All the while the Big Boy is upstairs yelling "Why is TT down stairs already?"  What a morning.... and then we nursed, on the chair in the living room while he drove the truck up and down my chest.


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