Sunday, May 12

Coming December 2013

Coming to our house in December (or maybe November) 2013 - a new baby!!

Husband and I are expecting baby number 3 on December 11.

And to answer all of the people that have asked on Facebook - yes, I am hoping for a girl.  And so is Husband and RR even said he was praying for a sister.  Church this morning, which featured a First Communion (on Mother's Day none the less) confirmed my desire for a little girl.  Seeing all of those sweeties in their little white dresses and veils, oh so cute. But as long as baby is healthy I will be happy.  I have a feeling it is going to be a boy; and then I can have "my three sons" as someone else pointed out.

Husband and I have known we were expecting for a long while, ever since we came home from our trip to Vermont; but we had wanted to keep it a secret until we knew a due date - breastfeeding can make for irregular cycles - very irregular in my case.  The ultrasound showed we were further along than we thought and after a few days we shared the news with our moms.  My mom was super excited and so eager to share the news we told her to go ahead (despite typically waiting till after the first trimester to tell)... and then after that we let the world know.

I still need to tell work about the new baby, and plan to this week; as this time around there is no holding back the belly.

Aside from my belly coming in sooner than before this time I am experiencing something I never have before - morning sickness.  Ugh, it is terrible and I feel for those who suffer from it.  There are few things worse than pumping gas and dry heaving at the same time.

Oh and the food cravings... nothing tastes right until I have had what I am craving.  And then once the craving is gone that is it.  So far I have NEEDED - cheddar cheese sticks, Go Berry Frozen Yogurt with strawberries, Panera - specifically black bean soup and Greek salad, tortillas and GOOD salsa, California rolls and strawberry ice cream/topping sundaes.

No need to wonder why I am getting so big so fast this time, right?

Here's to a happy and healthy and easy next 7+ months!!


Gemini Momma said...

What a surprise! Congratulations!! :)

Melissa Whitten said...

I'm hoping that the baby is healthy, and secondly, a girl. They are so much more fun to dress!
I'm also hoping that your December baby doesn't get the shaft like my Decemberbaby does in relation to birthday and Christmas presents being combined or altogether skipped. It's so unfair :-(

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