Sunday, May 5

Waffles and Ice Cream

When I was growing up and my father went out of town on business my mom would make "fun dinners".  One of my favorite was waffles and ice cream.  She would send one of us to the corner store to pick up a half gallon of our favorite ice cream while she made the waffles.  Yum!!

This is a tradition that I am happy to pass down to my boys; except in my house we never run out of ice cream so there is no running to the store to get it.  So when Husband had a dinner time appointment this week the boys and I whipped up some waffles and got down to business.

I have no idea how Teddy's shirt got so wet.

They both helped cook.  


Double YUM!!
While I was making he Waffles TT took it upon himself to get the syrup out of the pantry.  Honestly I never thought of putting syrup  real or otherwise; on waffles and ice cream before... but it worked for them.  Me, I stuck with just the ice cream.  Both boys had three waffles and two spoons of ice cream.

And yes, we went to the park after this to run off all that sugar.  


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