Thursday, May 2

The Heat

What do you remember most about your wedding day?  The one think that pops in your mind when you think back to that day.

For me, it's the heat.
Followed by the humidity.

Sure I was nervous and excited.

I remember walking down the isle.
I remember getting ready with my girlfriends.
I certainly remember RR loosing our wedding rings in the garden right before the ceremony.
I remember our first kiss and our first dace.
I remember the terrible poison ivy my brother had on his hands.
I can recall bits and pieces of the toasts and what we ate.

But I have not forgotten the weather.

We were married in May, in New England.  Which means the weather is a total crap soot.  Some years the temperatures barely get out of the 70s; but then there are years like 1986 when my youngest brother turned one and we all played outside in the kiddie swimming pool.  The little hard-sided one with the slide built into it.  That year, 1986; the highest May temp was 94F.  The year we were married the high temp was 98, the second highest on record.  Combine those temps with the high humidity and I am sure you can imagine how pleasant it was.

Husband and I originally wanted to get married outside, in the park; but decided instead to get married in a small, non-air-conditioned; chapel at the park.

The AC in our limo was broken on the way to the ceremony.  The guests were melting inside the little chapel; and Husband and I had decided to ride to the reception in my uncle's classic car... which as a classic also had no AC.

I remember everyone wanting to rush through the pictures because it was so hot and I remember all of the flowers wilting in the sun.

It was HOT that day and that's what I remember the most.

What do you remember the most about your wedding?

RR and my niece during pictures.  He was warm, and I think she did actually melt that day.


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