Friday, April 29

A Commercial Savant

While driving Turkey home from Cub Scouts last night, he decided to tell me about some of his favorite commercials recently.

To say he "told me about them", isn't correct... he does talk about them sometimes... but more often he recites them.  Word-for-word.  And doesn't need to see a commercial more than once to memorize it.  Especially if it's for something that interests him, like the new Lego set coming out, per say.

This isn't the first time he's done this either.  One day Husband and I were talking about what type of car to get next, and Turkey launched into the 2011 Hyundai Elantra commercial word-for-word.

He's a marketing directors dream, he loves and memorizes commercials and plays them back to anyone that will listen free of charge.

This really is the most bizarre savant like thing he's ever done.  And I've been trying to figure out how to channel it into something useful, something construction that might open paths for him in the future.


SuziQ said...

Averie does the same thing!

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