Saturday, April 16

You Can Call Me

When we tell people Monkey's real name, they always ask "What is his nickname going to be?".  And we always tell them we haven't decided yet.  Truth be told, he has a nickname... dozens of them.

And that got me thinking, what is u[ with my family and all of our crazy nicknames.

Turkey cracks me up in naming things.  All of his stuffed animals (and he must have a hundred of them) all have very literal names.  My favorite is Fatty Yellow Bear, as the name indicates this is a very plush yellow bear.  His stuffed wolf is called Wolfey, his stuffed bears are called Bearey, Panda Bear, Bear 2, etc.  But the nicknames he comes up with for himself and his brother are priceless.

Turkey likes to call Monkey "Sushi Baby".  I have no idea why.  Maybe because he really wants to like sushi (to eat), but can't get past the white rice.

Husband and I have a handful of nicknames for Monkey, including Monkey, Scooter, Mr. Adorable and Squeaky Toy (he often sounds like one when crying)... this is on top of all the obvious nicknames that are common to his real given name.

One of the original nicknames I had for Turkey was Turkey-Monkey (hence my confusion sometimes in my blog posts that I have to go and correct after you my wonderful readers point out my errors).  I called him Turkey-Monkey because he was so silly, and a Turkey-Monkey was the silliest creature I could think of.  Husband calls him (and Monkey as well) Boomba, Boomby, Buddy, etc.  This is on top of all nicknames associated with his given name, and your typical Handsome, Sweetie, etc.

Probably one of the strangest nicknames is the one Turkey gave himself.  He likes to refer to himself as Meekos.  And when he does he talks in the 3rd person and refers to me as Meekos-Mommy.  I have no idea what a Meekos is, and when I asked him he said he didn't either.  He is a super silly boy.

So if my boys grow up to be confused as to what their given names are, I will take the blame (along with Husband), because we clearly can't make up our minds.


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