Monday, April 4


Expectations.  That's such a big and loaded word isn't it?

Life is full of expectations.  From what our parents expected of us and still do, to what we expect from our jobs, our spouses and our own children.  However, I think the biggest expectations out there are the ones we have for ourselves. Some times however, expectations can get confused with to-do lists.

Last Thursday was one of those days for me.  I had a lot of expectations for that day.  I was going get a ton of work done in the morning while Monkey napped (I am freelancing for my employer as of last week).  I was going to finish-up cleaning and purging Turkey's room while Monkey took his afternoon nap.  I was going to call this person, I was going to call that person and I was going to have a nice long chat with my best friend while nursing Monkey mid-afternoon.

Do you know what I got done?  NOTHING!!!

As Husband reminded me, we did get things done.  The cable/phone/internet company was able to come out for a service call and now we have cable TV (after not having it for almost a year), and I did cash a check and I did get the car insurance paid.  But this isn't what I expected to spend my day doing.  This is not what I had planned.  By the end of the day I felt defeated.  I barely got any work done, my house was a mess and I still hadn't finished Turkey's room.  So I went to the store - by myself.  Nothing like a little light grocery shopping (and chocolate) to clear one's head.  It was the first time I had left the house since having Monkey without him.  In the end it was probably the best thing for me.

And when I got home Husband reminded me not to have too many expectations for myself, to go more with the flow.  This was after all still  my maternity leave and I was suppose to be resting and healing.  He has such a way of putting things into perspective for me.

The next day I was able to get a ton of work done and I had that call with my best friend, while Monkey napped.  The call was also just what was needed.

The weekend came and the weekend went and I still didn't finish cleaning Turkey's room, but I did get other things done I had my sites set on.  But more importantly I made sure I worked on resting and healing and spent some time cuddling with my loves ones.

Sometimes I think we need to stop and look at what is going on around us and give ourselves some slack. And as long as we're living up to our big expectations (being the best mom possible is one of mine), then the to-do-lists can wait.

Hhhhmmmm.... maybe I can finish Turkey's room while Monkey finishes his nap.... or I could....


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