Saturday, April 30

The Circus (Part 2 of a 2 Part Series)

The circus was wonderful!!!!

However, if you are ever considering nursing your child during the circus I would strongly advise against it.  Can you say distracted nursing?  And I swear the spotlight was on me.

Monkey behaved wonderfully and even napped a little.  Turkey was good for the most part.  He got upset after he got the red light saber and was made that he couldn't also get the blue one.  He tried every excuse to get the blue one - he meant to get blue not red since it was the good guy color, he really said blue and we misheard him, he needed the blue so I could battle him, on and on he went.

The Extreme Espanas scarred the wits out of me. They were two guys that walked in and on these circles that spun around in this figure eight.  Turkey really enjoyed the Death Riders (2 guys on motorcycles driving in the ball)... and after all that noise if he ever complains about Pepere's motorcycle being too loud I will laugh.

Turkey collected signatures and trading cards from the clowns as well.

We ended the day by going on a few rides... I must be out of practice at carnival rides because I really thought I was going to loose it on the Scrambler (but I can see now how Husband managed to loose his cell on it last summer).


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