Monday, May 2

Having a 7 Year Old Means

Having a 7 year-old means...

  • finding cupcake wrappers on your bathroom floor
  • finding Lego pieces just about everywhere - the laundry, your purse, the freezer
  • creating box forts for the 7 year-old to sleep in for weeks on end
  • constant reminders for hygiene - wash your face, arms, brush your teeth, wipe your butt
  • being surprised when they take a shower completely on their own, without you asking
  • some nights reading stories to them
  • other nights having them read stories to you
  • crazy outfits - just because (and taking a picture because they think they look good)
  • giving back rubs - several times a day
  • constantly helping find something that is right under their nose
  • preparing for his Cub Scout meeting - because you just "have" to be the leader
  • rock collections - and him washing the rocks in your bathroom sink
  • learning how to ride a bike - even if it still has training wheels
  • finding things taken apart and little screws, springs, washers all over his bedroom floor
  • video games - that he'll play alone or except you to play with him and except you to be good at
  • wondering how his t-shirt ended up in the freezer
  • tripping over just about every toy you could ever imagine
  • hearing more and more about Legos and Starwars and Lego Starwars then you ever thought possible, and feigning interest
  • getting bouquets of dandelions (even if they do make you sneeze) because they are beautiful
  • teaching them how to make the perfect snowball and snowball fights
  • means killing bugs for the 7 year-old because stinkbugs and ladybugs are scary
  • watching info-mercials with them, because sometimes that's the best thing on TV they want to watch
  • sometimes not getting hugs and kisses before they leave, because girls have cooties
  • and it means sometimes getting "the world's biggest hug" just because you're the mom

Please note - actual results may very.  Your seven year old may differ.  


The Good Witch of the South said...

I LOVE the Rock Collections! The Kid is 9 and he still does that. We have a rock driveway and I honestly think that he's on a personal mission to bring every single rock from the driveway into the house one way or another.

Your list is a good "What to expect" for those moms who have newborn baby boys. lol

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