Sunday, May 15


Today is Sunday May 15, 2011.  It is a day that stands for many things for me.

Today Monkey turns 3 months old.  This is a milestone for me.  3 months means we are one quarter of our way to my goal of breastfeeding for a year.  And we are half way to our goal of exclusively breastfeeding and not introducing solids (we plan on starting solids at 6 months).  Aside from being grouchy; from what appears to be some early teething, these last few days, Monkey is a gem.  Just such a sweet and happy baby.  It's hard to believe it's been 3 months already.

That being said, today also marks the very last day of my maternity leave.  Sure I've been free-lancing for my work for the last 8 weeks; but being on the clock is different.  No more working when I want to work, showering mid-morning and going for walks when I please. I am going to miss Monkey all day, but I am thankful for 12 weeks of leave (I only had 6 with Turkey) and I am thankful for the ability to work from home some (2 days a week) as well.  And as much as I had to admit it, part of me is also looking forward to going back to work.  Tapping into the other side of my personality and talents - not to mention business lunches over sushi.  I am not looking forward to the drive.  If only we lived 30 minutes closer... ok, ok, I'd be happy with 15 minutes closer.

May 15 is also my youngest brother W's birthday.  He would have been 26. We honored him by participating in the American Heart Associations charity walk today.  We formed a team with my mom, step-dad and some friends.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate.  Just as we were getting ready to walk the sky opened up and it started pouring, followed by thunder and lightening.  I hung back with my Turkey and Monkey (Turkey gets panicked about the weather sometimes),  and my friend KB kept us company.  It was just too wet to walk with the baby.  But everyone else plowed through... and in the end the rain let up a little and we were all entertained watching Turkey dance with my umbrella (clearly he got over his phobia).  We hope to make this a yearly event and are keeping our fingers crossed for better weather in the future.

Sigh... so much to think about today.... makes me think I should have taken a vacation week my first week back at work.  


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