Friday, May 13

Mom's Milk Bar

Mom's Milk Bar - Open 24 hours... I might have to get a flashing neon sign in my bedroom.  Although really I can't complain as Monkey's been sleeping through the night for weeks now.  Last night however Monkey was up at 2am, and every hour there after to nurse (don't you love comfort nursing?).  And in the wee hours of the morning I got to thinking about how our nursing relationship has changed over the last (almost) 3 months.

My thoughts began while he was head butting me to "open up shop" and pinching my skin with his free arm; it reminded me of a blog I recently read over at "Baby Love" called "Nursing a Toddler, or, Nursing as a Contact Sport".  I figured I may be in trouble in the future, as Monkey was already proving to be a brute.

From the early days of waiting for my milk to come in, quickly followed by my days with an oversupply and learning to control it.  Way back when he was tiny, all 12 weeks ago, we could nurse in the football hold - my that was comfortable.  Now it would be like trying to nurse with a little piglet tucked under there.  He has certainly hit the distracted nursing phase of looking around all over the place and playing with my shirt and skin.  I will certainly need to invest in some nursing tops for our trips out now.

Next week we enter a new phase in our nursing relationship - nursing and pumping, when I go back to work.  Thankfully I will be home with him 2 days of the work week, and only in the office 3 days.  I hope the transition is smooth, if not I have enough milk frozen to last quiet a while.

Anyhow, Monkey now has a fever and has been cranky all day and nursing a ton.  I hope he's not getting sick.


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