Thursday, May 5

Good Manners

The other night I was leading Turkey's den meeting (although I am not technically the den leader until the end of this month), and I set out on a mission.  The mission - The Good Manners Belt Loop.

Belt loops are something Cub Scouts can earn by completing three requirements as set forth by the national headquarters.  There are belt loops in two main areas academics and sorts.  The Good Manners one fell into the academics areas.  The three requirements to be completed where 1) make a poster showing/telling 5 good manners, 2) introduce two people correctly, with at least one of them being an adult and 3) write a thank you note.  This seemed like a piece of cake, so armed with Turkey's copy of Dude That's Rude (Get Some Manners) off we went.

And while I wasn't expecting the boys to come out of the den meeting proper little gentlemen that lifted their pinkie finger while sipping tea; I had expected a little more.  I was a little embarrassed, dare I say, by how few manners the boys could tell me about.  Even Turkey was quieter than he normally was (maybe their silence was them practicing good manners); and when I did ask him for examples of manner and what to do in certain situations he quoted his book (at least now I know he's read it).  And it's not like these boys lack manners - they are all very polite, listen well, help with set-up and clean-up.  Maybe it was just because they were surrounded by other 7 year old boys, not wanting to look like goodie two shoes and all that.

But in the end they started to pull it all together - once they started making the cards.  Maybe it was the craft aspect of it.  Maybe it was because a lot of them made cards for the former den leader.  Maybe it was their parents prodding... but in the end they did it.  And showed me the polite boys I know they are.


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