Wednesday, May 18


I find some days when life is super hectic it helps to sit and write about what you got done - make a list.  When you look at the list of your day often times you can feel better about a day where you felt like you got nothing done.

Today was one of those days.  I was suppose to be working from home handling both boys all on my own, as Husband left to be with his mother in the hospital at 5am.  The morning started out great and I got Turkey on the bus without a problem. After that it went down hill.  Monkey was having a day.  A day of teething, which means little sleep and lots of crying and fussing nursing and all in all a cranky baby.  Add to that a pile of work to get done and general house business and planning for Monkey's baptism.

I felt like nothing was getting done and the baby hated me (both of which I know is not true).  Monkey had a much better night than a day, and was all smiles and sunshine as I was nursing him before bed, so I feel an affirmation in his love.

And now an affirmation that I did get something done today:
1) kept up with the laundry, including getting the diapers done and on the line to dry
2) washed and sterilized all the new bottles I scored of Craig's List
3) got my office work done (despite a near meltdown around 11am)
4) ran the dishwasher
5) played with Monkey, played Monkey and played with Monkey
6) took both boys on a walk and go the lowdown on Turkey's day, including very detailed instructions on how to make a Chinese paper lantern.
7) got bottles of breast milk ready for Husband for the next day
8) talked on the phone with my friend K
9) went to Baptismal class
10) and showered - granted it was after both boys went to bed but it still counts


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