Monday, May 16

Attack of the Killer Tick

Do you know what happens when a 7 year old with a bug phobia gets a tick on him?  Do you????

Your night becomes an episode of "attack of the killer tick".

After a bit of a crazy day which involved the brakes on my car failing, Turkey and I were doing his homework. We were working on an outline for his autobiography.  He's feeling around in the hair on the back of his neck, which is much longer right now than normal, and he says to me "Mom, I have a pimple and it hurts."  So I check it out, and low and behold theres a tick.  I have never seen a tick before, but I knew just what it was.

I told him to stop picking at it and that it was a tick, then I called for Husband to come and help.  Turkey has a minor freak-out... along the lines of "Ahhhh, ahhhh, it's going to suck all my blood.  Get it out.  GET IT OUT.  GET. IT. OUT. NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!"

I hold his head still, instructing him to squeeze my leg with the pain (as it was easy to pull his hair along with the tick) and Husband poured rubbing alcohol over it and removed.  With all of Turkey's screaming he got a taste of the rubbing alcohol (it ran down and around his neck).  This started more screaming... but it wasn't anything a little ice cream couldn't heal.

Turkey was fine until it was time to go shower and go to bed.  Showering resulted in a panic attack over somehow getting alcohol in his eyes.  Followed by statements like "This must be a nightmare.  This is the wrost day ever.  The tick is going to come back from the dead and find me. "  And going to bed resulted in thoughts of ticks crawling in his bed.  Poor kid... I hope tomorrow is a better day for him.


Ruby said...

Awww!! Poor boy but your post put such a vision in my head, I couldnt help but giggle! Hope there are no more ticks to be found!!

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