Tuesday, May 31

Cows and Cars

I have an hour commute to work, each way.  This includes driving on farm roads, three different interstate highways and a long stretch down an industrial boulevard.  I should add I work in Connecticut, where the state motto is "You can't get there from here".  OK, maybe that's not the official motto, but it should be.

I try to use my drive time to work on balancing myself out.  To me this means listening to my local NPR station.  The news this morning was the same-old-same, however; our local morning program host, Bob Paquette, passed away over the weekend.  So it was a fairly somber morning cast, speckled with tributes and memories of Bob.  He truly was a great newsman, and will be missed by our area.  As I was started to reflect inwards about those in my life that passed away suddenly before their time, I came across the Cow Car.  The Cow Car totally shifted my mood for the day.

The Cow Car had a Rhode Island license plate.  Can you guess what it said?  If you guessed "Moo", give yourself 10 points.  The Cow Car was white brown cow spots painted on it.  Across the back of the trunk it said "Moo-ing Along".  It had chrome cow horns mounted on the hood, very Texas I might add.  Across the back window was a row of stuffed animals.  And then the cherry on top of the sundae - on the roof was a cow statue complete with a sunflower around the cow's neck.  There was a web-site stenciled in pink on the back window, but it was too small to read.

A quick search on Google, resolved this issue and I found The Cow Car.  Apparently, the cow wears other decorations around it's neck and it not all that attached to the sunflower.  (And somehow this has to do with pot- belly pig rescue.)   Thank you Mr. Cow Car for making me smile on this Tuesday morning.

In other somewhat related news, this weekend we were driving through an area with lots of dairy farms and we were explaining to Turkey that Monkey can have all the breast milk he wants, because unlike cows milk it's really good for you and has everything he needs in it.  Which in turn is why Turkey can only have ice cream once a day because it's not so good for you.  Anyhow, Turkey says "Let me get this straight, mom is like a cow."  Yup, I love you too kid.


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