Friday, July 13

Book Review: This Little Mommy Stayed Home

This Little Mommy Stayed Home by Samantha Wilde

I will be honest I picked this book up from the library simply because the cover and title caught my attention as I was browsing the non-fiction books by authors whose names started with W.  I like going to the library and randomly picking a letter and trying to find a book by an author in that area to read... I will admit I am a little eccentric sometimes.

In my opinion this book should be required reading for all mothers, not just new mothers.  In this novel we follow heroine new mom, Joy, as she navigates her first year of motherhood.  And despite that fact that she is  adapting to life as a stay at home mom, this book is something working moms, second time and third time, etc moms can relate to.  There is something in this book for nearly every mom and mom-to-be out there.  Topics ranging from no-sleep, the added stress to marriage, finding yourself again after having baby, and even breastfeeding (swoon... I LOVE how she was able to write about breastfeeding in such a realistic, yet positive light) - it's a down to earth, this is real-life type of novel.

Really I cannot recommend this book enough; they should had this book out at child-birth class or when you start your baby-shower-registry.  If more women read this book and were able to realize they were not alone on this journey they call motherhood, I think their would be less of the mommy-wars*.

As an added bonus for me - she's a local author, which means I can count this book toward my summer reading challenge at the library.  

* Mommy-war (for those not current living the mommy-dream) are the debates that women feel they need to have with each other of simply, practical, and personal parenting choices ranging from diapering, schooling choices, work versus stay at home, baby-weraing or not, etc.  Remember the Time magazine cover?


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