Friday, July 20

His Kind of Clean

A while ago I was watching Hoarders on Netflix while folding laundry and Turkey came in to join me.

Now if you're not familiar with the show each show features two different families/individuals that are dealing with compulsive hoarding.  The type of hoarding that leaves makes it impossible to throw anything out.  So in the end these families end up living in a state of squalor, in which protector services are called for both children, the elderly and animals.

Now Turkey's room was usually in a state of clutter.  The always stepping on Legos (which really hurt if you've never done so), can't find his shoes, and keeping every paper he's ever drawn on kind of clutter.  OK, I'm being kind; it was a mess.  A big hot mess, that I would clean really well two or three times a year, and he would "pick-up" every weekend.

In watching this show Turkey came to the realization that he doesn't really keep his room "that clean".  Actually I think the show disgusted him, as I am sure it does most people that watch it; and since then he has made a point of keeping his room clean.

Mommy trick #23,145 - Have your kids watch Hoarders to ensure clean bedrooms.

His room isn't my kind of clean, but rather it's kind of clean.  He's learning how to organize, how to pick up after himself, figuring out a cleaning strategy that works for him.  I am really proud of him for this.  I'm not going to nit-pick and tell him his shoes don't get organized with Legos - I'm just glad I'm not stepping on them anymore.

His snake, carefully curled up, tucked into a blanket and set to "read" Lego comics.

For some reason he feels his baseballs belong in these way too big sneakers my brother gave him.

His Halloween pumpkins, keeping an eye on things in his room.
He's assured me they will come downstairs and be part of the decorations when the time comes.

The Lego-and-Shoes pile.

His watch carefully laid out on his alarm clock.
Which is on his nightstand along with his fish, his "bug spray" and his savings jars.

This cracks me up.  
He keeps this pillow between his night stand and bed to cover up his book collection.
So it "doesn't look messy"... and that's a quote.

 The book collection under the pillow.

His very clean desk.  He was on his laptop in Husband's office when I snapped his pictures.

He has started rearranging his draws and trying to make things more useful.
I had kept his PJs in here, but I see where he's going this is better as an underwear and sock place.

I must say I am really proud of the kid.  I love how he's taking better care of his stuff, and I love watching him evolve.


Charlotte Jean said...

That is a powerful tv show, and I will have to remember this trick! I hope this is a lasting trend for his bedroom!

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