Friday, July 27


Way back in the day, on this blog, I would write up three things I was thankful for.  I was trying to reshape my thoughts to focus on life in a more positive light (after a series of tragic events).  I haven't posted these three things in a while, and not because I was not  /am not thankful; but because... well, I don't really have a reason.

That being said I find myself very thankful as of lately, especially after yesterday morning.  You see the day started out like any other.  I was on my commute to work, about 25 minutes from my house; driving along the interstate when all of a sudden my brakes locked up.  Thankfully I was in the right hand lane and "only" doing 70 mph.  Traffic was heavy, as usual; and yet somehow I managed to not get rear ended as my car quickly, and unexpectedly braked.

I am thankful that I was not hurt and that no one else was hurt in the process.

I am thankful for the state trooper that came to my aide.  I appreciate his effort to try and push my car further to the side of the road, albeit an unsuccessful effort.  I am thankful he was able to call a tow truck.

I am thankful for my Husband for being there when I called, and for helping me out with numbers and coming up with a plan of action.

I am thankful for the DOT worker that checked on me to see if he could help.  Knowing people want to help you in a time of need really helps you remain positive.

I am thankful for the tow truck driver who came and got my car; who waited around with me for my Uncle who was coming to my rescue.

I am very thankful for my Uncle for rescuing me, yet again, when my car broke down.  I appreciate the ride, him letting me use his car and his AAA membership.  I am thankful for the smile on his face, despite the early hour and the rain when he got to me.

I am even thankful for my boss - who is very understanding, even if a little sarcastic, for helping me laugh about the situation.

I am thankful.  Thankful for it all.


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