Monday, July 2

Yummy Sand

The boys and I were outside playing in the sandbox after dinner.

I started the evening amazed, totally floored, by the number of outside trucks, buckets, shovels, and the like I had of Turkey's in the basement.  These toys haven't seen the light of day in at least one summer.

Had he grown too old for them?  It appeared not this evening as he happily played with his brother.

Had I been too busy, so self-absorbed, to take them out for him?  Perhaps.  I would like to think that it was more a case that I assumed he was too big to play with Tonka Trucks.

Or maybe it was a case of something old being new again; now that he had his brother to share the experience with.

So after my brief bout of mom-guilt and reflection I noticed Monkey trying to use the shovel like a spoon.

Me: Don't eat that.  YUCKY.

Him (taking a small taste): Yuuuummmmm.

Me: No.  Yucky.

Big brother giggles in the back ground.

Him (taking a bigger bite of sand): YYYYYUUUUUMMMMM!!!! (grins ear to ear)

Me: Yuck.  Poo-Poo.

Big Brother: Don't knock it until you've tried it.  It's not bad.  A little salty and it would probably be better with honey on it.


Yum!! (gag)

He said he was making a pregnant lady belly.  (sigh)


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