Tuesday, July 31


Today I got, yet another, postcard from Similac (the formula company).  They were inviting me to join their StrongMoms community, and as an incentive I would receive a "free gift" - a Similac bottle.  Just what I needed and wanted!!!  (Please tell me you can read the sarcasm in this line.)

Husband kept asking me "Are you really going to sign up for that junk?".

Why yes, yes I am.  Yes, I did.  I signed up on the StrongMoms community.  And because I signed up they are going to send me up to $329 in membership gifts, offers and infant formula and coupons.  


I mean - REALLY??? 

I am pretty sure that when you hit the 17 month breastfeeding mark your not going to decide it's time to switch to formula.  At least I know I am not about to.  Breastfeeding is best choice for me, and I am studying to become a breastfeeding counselor so I can help other women fulfill their breastfeeding goals.  Breastfeeding is something I love.  I really do.  It's something I am passionate about.

And I think that is partly why I signed up.  I want to know, I want to see, what promotional offers formula companies are making.  What incentives to not breastfeed they are waving in women's faces.  

So yeah... I joined a formula feeding community.  I feel like a wolf in sheep's clothing, however I highly doubt I will ever participate in their conversations, and I have selected all e-mails to be sent to an account I use for junk.  

Sigh.... it's a dark moment.  But it makes me smile.  

(In other related new I also got a letter from the GOP soliciting a donation.  I am a registered Independent, and with liberal-green-libertarian left leaning views. So, um yeah.... this letter also made me think "really???")


Rebecca said...

Um... Hi. These things are priceless to those of us who couldn't breastfeed. Not chose not to, couldn't. You know my issues, and if you've forgotten send me a message and I'll be happy to explain. It's really hurtful to see things like this. I know you feel very strongly about breastfeeding, but please, PLEASE don't fight the things that make life a little bit easier for those of us for whom breastfeeding was not an option.

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