Friday, July 6

Project Food Budget (Week 40)

Wow... week 40!!  How did that happen?

Anyhow my budget this week was $125; and I didn't actually go grocery shopping.

I made one stop for taco fixings and spent $30 (including diapers... that's a whole other post); and I made a mid-week fruit stop and spent another $15.  We spent $10 on ice-cream, $5 at the farm stand, $15 on a Schwans' order and $25 on pizza.  So $100 total.

Meals this week consisted of:
Sunday: Taco night (Turkey's pick)
Monday: ham steaks, baked beans and salad
Tuesday: went for a picnic in the park, had sandwiches and fruit.  Went out of ice cream.
Wednesday: grilled chicken salads with (leftover) beans and corn on the cob
Thursday: pizza (Husband's pick)
Friday: kielbasa and sides
Saturday: leftovers

In the words of my friend Erica, over at Warm as Pie (who got me hooked on this project):

Forty weeks is a long time to commit to a project.  Ask any mom who made it to the end of a pregnancy!  Please reward my fellow budget bloggers with a glance at their posts.
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EricaG said...

Awww! You quoted me. :) I can't believe it has been 41 weeks now.

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