Thursday, July 19

Project Food Budget (Week 42)

Wow... week 42 already.  Only 10 weeks left in this project, how is that even possible.  I feel like my growth in this project has been slacking lately, and tonight was a big slap in the face in regards to that.

I spent about $7 at the farm stand earlier this week, one thing lead to another and we didn't eat the meals in the order I had planned this week (it was hot, I mean HOT and humid, and then the library closed the night we were going to go (because of the weather).  Anyhow, long story short... I know too late for that right, I ended up throwing out 90% of that produce tonight.  Ugh.  Then to add insult to injury the bag salad I had bought wilted before we ate it as well.  So tonight I ended up throwing out some $15 in food.

Budget: $125
Spent: $63.25 at the grocery, $7 at the farm stand and $30 (with tip) out at dinner

Actual meals this week:
Monday: Pasta salad
Tuesday: hot dogs, beans and cucumbers
Wednesday: dinner out
Thursday: ham steaks, Parmesan noodle and carrots and salad (if you count a bowl of iceberg salad)
Friday: bean burritos
Saturday: Parties!!!!  (not here)

Let's see how everyone else did this week:


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