Thursday, March 7

Frozen in Time

Last night I found myself reading my brother's obituary, something that happens every March; and I came to realize that this tribute wasn't just about him.  It was about US, as a family.  Who we were at that time.  It was a glimpse into our lives, frozen in time in the words on the page.

A lot has happened in the four years since my brother departed this world.  I was married and we welcomed a new baby, another nephew for my brother.  My brother and sister-in-law had another child as well; a niece for my brother.  My mother remarried a wonderful man.  That man that would make her a widow a few short years later.  My grandmother, who was listed as surviving my brother, is now with him on the other side.

At least he's not alone over there.  He does have good company.  And here on Earth his family continues to grow, and we share our memories with our children; as a brother is never forgotten.



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