Monday, March 11

What to do?

I came downstairs from tucking in TT and started to look around and wondered "what do I want to do tonight?".  Without a further thought I started washing diapers and doing the dishes.  While I was SOSing the chili stuck to the bottom of the pot I got to thinking "This is NOT what I want to do tonight.  I want to do something that makes me happy."

I could.....

  • work on putting together picture frames
  • yoga!!  I've been meaning to do that for a few weeks
  • watch "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant", because I've been meaning to watch that show for months
  • do some school work, I didn't get to it this weekend and one of the downfalls of a self directed course is not pushing yourself sometimes
  • research Easter ideas on Pintrest, it's been weeks since I've been on Pintrest
  • look for ties for the boys for Easter
  • mount and hang up some art work the boys have done for me
  • start reading a new book
  • print pictures of TT and actually start his scrapbook
  • work on RR's scrapbook I have all of those pictures of him already...
  • and breath.....

Then my thoughts started to change.  I should...

  • put away RR's clothes
  • fold TT's clothes
  • put away my laudry
  • clean out the pantry, why do I always look to clean when I want to relax?
  • dust the light fixtures in the kitchen, see above note
  • put away the Christmas coffee mugs, um yeah..... I think I have a problem

I really need to start doing things on my make me happy list.  The cobwebs can wait another day; I tell myself that when the boys want to do something.  I try and find a balance.  Must balance myself more... can you hear my chanting?... must balance myself more....


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