Wednesday, March 6


TT is slowly growing in his abilities and independence.  Everyday he seems more like a kid than a baby.  And then he has a when-did-Satan-poses-my-son-grade-temper-tantrum and we remember he's 2.  Ok, we remember he's 2 all the time because he still wants us to carry him every where, all nearly 35 lbs. of him.

The one place and time he insists on walking is teeth brushing time.  This time of day, every day, is his mark of independence and growing up.

I tell him "teethy time" and he runs from his room down the hall to the bathroom.  He pulls his stool up to the sink, climbs up and has the water on and tooth brush in hand by the time I get there.  I give him some toothpaste and he brushes on his own for a bit before I do a deep-clean.  Then he has some water, rinses his brush, puts it away, turns off the sink and I tell him "go find Daddy" and he runs back down the hallway to his bedroom.

That dear reader is the sign of a little boy who is growing up, who is learning to do things on his own; but still very much needs his Mommy and Daddy.


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