Friday, March 1

Time to Study

When I went to RR's parent teacher conference earlier in the year his teacher commented "Parents always want to know how they do in spelling, because it's a more of how did we do."  I wanted to snicker, but I kept it to myself; spelling wasn't an issue for him.  We never studied spelling words and he was getting perfect marks.

Then his 2nd trimester report card came home and his spelling grade went down a whole level.

And then tonight came.  He got a 65% on a spelling test.

Part of doesn't think the issue was whether or not he could spell the words; he had some words entirely wrong.  Like he's wasn't even in the right ballpark kid of wrong, which I guess is about right since he gets baseball and football confused.  For instance the correct word was "price" he wrote "callum".  Can you see me scratching my head.  When I asked him about the spelling of "giraffe" - "jerafe", he tells me "she threw in some curves that word wasn't on our list".  Try again kiddo it was on the list.

So we're going to start studying spelling words this week coming up.  I'm not really sure studying is going to help, but it sure can't hurt, right????

Bueller... Bueller.... Bueller


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