Sunday, March 17

I dream of.... breastfeeding?

Last night I had the strangest dream.  I was walking into a bookstore, don's ask me how I knew it was a bookstore as I didn't see any books; but in my dream that is what it was.  As I walked in, I walked past the check out counter and next to the counter were two squat-square green armchairs.  And sitting in those armchairs where women breastfeeding their little ones.  In my dream I was disappointed, but happy to have to look for another place to nurse as I didn't want to nurse right by the front door.

So I wandered over to the cafe area of the bookstore, it was sectioned off with a black wrought iron railing. Inside the cafe women were sitting on comfy chairs around little white bistro tables.  Everyone in the cafe was a women, and everyone is the cafe was nursing a child.

Since there was no place to sit there I walked back to the front of the store to see if one of the chairs up there was now free, but it wasn't.  So I stopped and thanked the women nursing for doing so in public.  I don't recall exactly what I said, but I know it was a message of gratitude.

After that I felt lost in my dream, I wanted to nurse my baby (who I had been carrying in a cradle hold the entire dream), but I couldn't find a place to sit and relax....

... and then I heard my baby crying over the monitor so I went and gave him his pacifier and climbed back into bed.... on Sundays I don't like to get up and nurse until at least 7am, no matter what type of dream I have.


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