Saturday, March 2

So Longer Cruiser

After many car washes and 189,222 miles it was time to say good-bye to our beloved PT Cruiser.

I would have liked to have made it to 200,000; but it just wasn't in the cards.  Not unless we were going to spring for new wheel bearings and ball joints, again.

Ahhhh.... the Cruiser.  I would like to say it served us well over the last three and a half years, but if I did I would be lying.

Oh PT Cruiser, you were a thorn in my side.

Brake replacements more than I would like to think about, including rotors.  And the time the brake nut loosened and all the brake fluid rushed out.

The motor mount replacements.

The AC was repaired once, but wasn't working in the end.

The flex-plate which cracked off and severed the timing belt.  That was a pricey fix.

And the front axle went.  This was after we had the whole front end rebuilt including the sway bar.

 Obviously with that many miles there were new tires.

And let's not forget the transmission.  When we traded the cruiser in today it was on it's 3rd transmission.  Yes, people we replaced that sucker twice.  Ouch.

Plugs, filters, oil, wiper blades.... all that ordinary stuff... but really three transmissions.

Good-bye PT Cruiser.  With you purple and silver pin-stripping.  You were fun to drive, when you were working well.  You had good gas mileage, you did your best and tried to serve us well.  But now you are gone, and none to soon according to family members.


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