Monday, March 18

Seriously People

It's suppose to snow tonight.  Like 100% chance of snow tonight.  I am not happy about this fact, but that is a whole other post for another day....

So, it's going to snow and since I live in a state where snow is a weather phenomena; everyone and their uncle and sister and second-cousin-twice-removed-on-their-mother's-side needs to rush out for bread, milk, canned goods and gas.  It's total pandemonium at the gas station and store right now...

Oh snap (said in the voice of the great Joy Turner) - I live in New England; where it does snow 6 months out of the year.... so what's with all the panic at the gas station....

Anyhow, I digress... after work today I stopped to get gas along with every other person in town, since it's suppose to snow tonight; and like any gas purchase with cash I pull my car up to the pump, get out, go inside and pay for my purchase.  I even swiped my "member's reward card"; maybe some day I will have enough points for a tropical vacation....

I exit the gas station and walk around to the back of my van and there is this lady pumping the gas I just paid for.  And no, she wasn't pumping it into my car.

"Excuse me," I say trying not to sound overly witchy "but that's the gas I just paid for."

"Oh no," she tells me "I just put my credit card into this pump."

"But my car is parked here."

"I was trying to get my gas before you came back out here."

And then the light-bulb flashes in my head "So that's why the cashier was having such a hard time getting this pump started and kept asking me which pump number... this bitch is trying to steal my gas."

Then she proceeds to argue with me about whose gas it is.  Really?  Do you not see my big red mini van parked in front of this here pump.  Pump #2 that I just paid for the gas on.  Really?

In the end she comments well if it is your cash purchase it will stop when we get there since I put in my credit card I should be able to pump all the gas I want.  And you know what... the pump did stop at the dollar amount I did pay for.  Try and steal my gas.  Really???

After she was done she went inside and re-paid for my gas... and smartly waited till I was done pumping to come back out.

Not that I would ever actually do anything, anyone that knows me knows I am all fluff.


Sue said...

Good thing it happened to you and not your Mom. Because anyone who knows me, knows I'd have punched her in the face first then asked what the hell she thought she was doing?

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