Monday, October 10

3:32 AM

It started with a knock on the bedroom door, followed by "Mommy, I has a nightmare.  Can I sleep with you guys."

I strain to listen in the darkness, the baby is crying down the hall.  I look at the baby monitor on the floor by my bed, off the charger, battery dead.  Good thing Turkey had a nightmare, otherwise I would never had heard Monkey.

"Sure thing buddy, climb in the middle by Papa.  I'll be back after I take care of brother."

Forgetting my glasses I stumble down the hall, and pick up the crying baby.  His face is warm and wet with tears.  He quiets as I pull him close.  We sit together on the rocking chair in the corner of the room.  I watch the lights flickering outside, wondering what time it is as he nurses.  Shortly, he finishes and drifts off to sleep in my arms.  I walk peacefully back to my bedroom where Husband and Big Brother are waiting for me, both half asleep.

I pull Turkey close, he tells me he can't sleep from his nightmares.  So I rub his forehead and tell him to think happy thoughts until he falls asleep.

I look over, it's 3:32 AM.  And as I fall asleep I wonder who many other times this scene is playing out around the world.


Anonymous said...

So True. And there really isn't anything better than mom rubbing your head so you can fall back asleep :)

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