Tuesday, October 25

Smells in the Night

First of all, I am trying to write this blog post without sounding like a crazy lady with ten cats.  For the record we only have two, and one is technically Turkey's and the other only comes in once every few days.  So if this post seems way out there, have no fear dear reader this is not a sign of things to come around here.

I guess it all started this weekend.  We spent the night at my mom's house; which despite her little changes here and there is a constant reminder of my step-dad.  Step-dad used make the most amazing berry pancakes, sometimes strawberry and blueberry, other times just blueberry.  Husband woke in the middle of the night, to the smell of blueberry pancakes.  When he told my mom about it the next morning, she said "ah ha, Ronnie was around last night."  My mom believes that my brother and step-father frequently visit her house, and part of me doesn't see why not.

This evening I went to the pharmacy and the grocery store.  When I walked into the pharmacy I was met by a  Christmas display of Lindt Chocolates (don't get me started on Christmas before Halloween, but I digress).  Lindt truffles where my Grammie's favorite.  These were the fall back gift on many an occasion, and she's make a sour face if a holiday passed and she didn't get any.

When I walked into the grocery store, there was a display of the super sized chocolate bars, I immediately thought of my step-dad.   That man loved his chocolate (and coffee, and ice cream).

So maybe I was predispositioned for what happened after that.  When I got to the soda isle, as I was walking by the Pepsi (Grammie's favorite), I could smell her perfume.  The further down the isle I got the stronger it smelled.  I kept looking around to see if someone was wearing it; but at that time of night the store was pretty empty.  I didn't smell it again outside that isle.

Then as I was driving home, I drove past a man on a motorcycle; and it made me double take, if I hadn't known better I would have sworn it was my step-dad.  But he would never ride his bike that late at night.  He was a sun up to sun down kind of guy, who didn't like being cold.

It makes me wonder, what happens after all is said and done.  I know all about heaven, and hell, and purgatory... but really is that it?  (I know, what a terrible Catholic am I?)  It makes me wonder about signs, and all those deja vu feelings.  And if I am really going to be superstitious; then Turkey and I must be in for a run of good luck because we both found 4-leaf clovers this weekend.  But then again, this week does bring about a 3rd dentist appointment for him in as many months.... the first two were both rescheduled because some one passed away right before them.

Oh well... just something to think about.


Rebecca said...

I absolutely believe that people we love make visits and send signs to let us know they are still around and watching over us. Might make me a bad Baptist, but it's comforting and that's okay. :-)

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