Monday, October 3

Nursing Musings

Tonight as I was nursing Monkey before bed I mused over how different it was to nurse him at 7 months, than it was to nurse him at 7 weeks old.

When he was 7 weeks old, I could easily hold him in the crook of one arm and sit back and watch TV while he happily nursed for 40 minutes to an hour.  When he was done, he would just drift off to la-la-land with that sill milk-coma smile on his face.

These days he barely fits on my lap.   Watching TV, having a conversation, drinking coffee, or even reading are off limits while nursing.  In fact doing anything aside from pay attention to him, but not too much attention because that backfires; results in him pulling off and spraying and splattering milk all over the place.  These days nursing is best done in a quiet room, alone.  And should someone make a noise in another part of the house, he's looking around like a guard dog.

Sure these days nursing can take 10 minutes tops, and it has freed up my time tremendously, but I often worry about him not eating enough in those short times.

But then as I hear him gulping down milk like it's going out of style, I realize he's getting all the milk he needs; as quickly as possible.

When he was 7 weeks old, I had to gently show him to my breast and help him latch on.  These days, he reminds me of the little piglets we saw at the Big E.  Running all over the momma pig, milk flying all over the place and piggies grunting and snorting.  Yup, I took our nursing relationship there.  I kid you note, I saw those little piglets and thought of Monkey and I.

When he was 7 weeks old, I could gently slide my nipple out of his mouth.  These days he wipes himself on and off.  He tries to take it with him while he's looking around.  Ah... if only they were detachable some days.

Photos courtesy of Turkey.  


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