Thursday, October 27

The Tale of a Jacket

Husband needed a new jacket.  He's needed one since last winter.  We ordered one off Overstock, and when it came in it was too small, so we returned it and then never got him a new one.  He's like me, not the type of buy himself things; even when the are needed.

Well the other day at lunch, I decided to surprise him and I went out and bought him a new jacket.  And I got a fantastic deal on it.  I was so excited and teased him about his surprise the whole afternoon.

When I got home he was so excited.  He loved the way it looked.  He tried it on, and it fit great.

Then he went to zip it... and it had no zipper.  Bummer!!!

At first I was going to get the zipper fixed since I got such a great deal. But the tailor wanted $43 to install a new zipper.  That was well more than what I paid for it (hey, I said I got a good deal).

So I went the next day to exchange it.  I had stopped in the jacket section to adjust my ponytail, and when I looked up I saw the same jacket.  It was the right size and everything.  Then I looked at the zipper, also missing.  Go figure.

After much debate I decided on a nice London Fog jacket.  It was twice the price of the last one, but still a very good deal.  Especially for the brand name.

I bring the new jacket home; and what do you know... it's too small.


Back to the store I go.  Third times the charm right?  I comb and comb and comb through the jackets and finally find the London Fog one, one size bigger.  Exchange completed, I head back to work, feeling victorious.

I get the jacket the home, and on my honey... and instead of the giddy and excited feeling I had when I bought the first jacket over a week ago, I feel a sense of relief.  I can finally stop shopping for a new jacket for my honey on my lunch break.  Mission complete.


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