Tuesday, October 4

What the Piggy Ate

Yesterday I compared my baby, while nursing, to a piglet, and after I made the post I felt I should have let you all know what he ate yesterday... so here it is.

Bottle of breastmilk from Daddy at 3:30am (we alternate between who does this), and then he nursed at 6:30am.  While I was at work, he took 4 bottles (10 ounces total) and had breakfast, oatmeal with mixed fruit.  When I got home from work at 5:30pm he nursed, then we had dinner.  He had penne pasta with tomato and garlic sauce, applesauce (homemade by his brother), and Greek yogurt.  He then nursed at 7pm and went to bed.  I gave him a dream feed at 10pm, before I went to bed.

So yeah.... I think he is a little piggy.


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