Sunday, October 2

Update: TIBMTD Sept. List

OK, let's see how I did or didn't do on my list in September.  

1) Develop these single use cameras from our wedding.  It's only been like a year and a half... so why not finally get it done now, right?  HA!  Didn't even think about doing this.

2) Start filling in this Family Tree / Family Album.  I bought it at least 4 months ago.  
I looked at this and thought about doing it.  But alas, didn't get to it.

3) Tidy up the coat rack area.  If this doesn't get under control soon we'll never have room for the dreaded winter gear.  
Did this!!!  Several times I might add.  Too much rain lately.

4) Put pictures in this frame.  I have them (OK, I am short one and that's why this isn't done).  I did this as well.  And we hung it up.  Do I get bonus points for that?

5) Go around to each room and make a list of what that room needs.  
Started this.  So that counts.  

All in all not to bad considering we had another family death in September.  I wonder what October has in store.  Hopefully good health for all my loved ones.


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