Friday, October 21

Whipping It Up

The other day Turkey came home from school, and I offered him a snack.  First I offered some cinnamon sugar toast.  He declined.

The I offered a slice of apple pie, or a piece of fruit.  Both of which he declined.

So I offered him the giant cookie we bought him at the library bake sale.  Again, he declined.

Then he turns around and says "I'll just whip something up."  Intrigued and concerned I followed him into the kitchen to see what he was going to "whip up".  His first creation involved peanut butter, a peppermint candy, honey and the microwave.  I am sure you can imagine how this turned out and where it ended up.

Then his moment of genius struck, and he proclaimed he had a new plan.  At that time the baby started crying so I went to go tend to him.  When I came back into the kitchen he showed me his creation:

The giant cookie, whip cream and sprinkles.

In Turkey's book everything is better with sprinkles.  (And no he didn't finish it.  He has the croup this week and his appetite has been less than stellar from it add to that a loose front tooth; and you know...)


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