Thursday, October 20

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty

I am terrible when it comes to clothes for me, and I don't mean terrible as in Shopaholic guilty.  I just don't shop for clothes for myself.  When I buy clothes or shoes it's because some one died, some one is getting married, or I'm pregnant.  I have no problems buying clothes for my boys, although I admit I shop for bargains and have no problem visiting the consignment shop.   If I have an extra $30 I would rather go get my nails done with my mom than go clothes shopping.

My wardrobe is sad.  Very sad.  I am surprised no one has ever signed me up on "What Not to Wear".

And then this weekend, we found ourselves in JCP, and they were having a sale (plus $10 off a purchase of $25 or more), and I had some extra cash... so I decided it was time to shop for me.  Husband took Turkey to a movie, music, game store and Monkey and I looked around.

I probably should have went wild... OK, for me I suppose I did.  I got 2 pairs of PJs, a knit hooded sweater, three shirts and a pair of khakis.  As I was standing in line to pay, I felt so guilty; so Husband was texting me with support, confirming it was OK, reassuring me I was doing a good thing.

In the end I got a great deal!!!  An awesome deal, and this helped ease the guilt (some).  I spent $55.02.. but look at how much I saved.

I am happy with my purchases, and I feel GOOD wearing them.  I feel more like a grown-up, like I have my business together.  Hmmmm.... maybe a new pair of flat are in my future. Or maybe an accessory, beyond my  rings and diamond stud earrings.  The possibilities are endless, as long as I keep the guilt in check.


The Adventures of DJ and Katelyn said...

You deserve some new things. I know Dan keeps telling me to go get me stuff, but with all this weight I just can't find anything I like and I HATE spending money on myself.
Enjoy the new clothes!!!
Take Care

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