Monday, April 16

The Best Of (Part 8 of 10)

A (long) while back I set out on a mission to make a top 10 list of MY favorite baby related items.

It's been slow going to say the least.  Last time I posted to the list was item #7 and that was back in January. Yup, slow going for sure... so much for my plans to have the list done by the time he was a year old.

But then this weekend it came to #8 on the list.  And this is a good item to have on my list because it can be used for years; and really I like items that have longer life cycles (than say the bouncy seat they use for a few months).

So without further ado.... drum roll please....

#8 on my list is the Woobee Plush blanket by RoSK (Rain or Shine Kids).

Basically it's a waterproof blanket w/ a fleece lining on one side that has a ribbon on either side of it.

Simple right - you're wishing you designed this aren't you?  You're also trying to figure out how to make you're own too.  Right?  Right?

The ribbons allow you to tie the blanket to the stroller or the car-seat and you don't have to worry about it falling off.  You can also tie it to the baby carrier to provide an extra layer or warmth or rain protection when carrying your little one around.  It's great for throwing on the ground to use as a blanket when you're out and about, etc.  Really, it has more uses than you think of.

On a related note; the price of these are all over the place on-line; I bought ours off Baby Steals for 50% off.


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