Wednesday, April 18

Real Diaper Week: Cost Savings

The theme for today's blog hop for Real Diaper Week is: cost savings.
 Real Simple Real Diapers Savings – Cost savings, diapering on a budget, cloth diaper banks or support organizations

As I mentioned previously I got my start in cloth diapering (CD) with help from my friend M who lent me her stash of CD.  Honestly there is no better way to start CDing than going this route, as you get to skip the initial start-up cost.  But if you don't have a friend to lend you their stash the cost savings of CDing will pay for themselves quickly over time.

The price of a CDs ranges from under $10 per piece to $30 per piece (from what I've seen); it really depends on what type of diaper you are getting and who you are getting it from.

Ah, figuring out what type of CD to get.... that can be a real challenge.  We have a little bit of everything in our stash from all in ones to flats that we use covers with from PUL to wool and everything in between.  We've been lucky with Monkey in that we haven't really encountered a CD that doesn't work well with him.  Yes, CDs like disposable diapers can yield different results on different kids depending on the kids size and shape.  I've heard there are services you can use that allow you to try different diapers and different makers and then return the ones you don't like; so if you're unsure you could always Google this and try it in your area.

My favorite diapers seem to be the home grown ones, and I've found my favorite gems on and on Facebook.  I love getting handmade diapers, especially from a maker who is willing to work with you.  Monkey being as long and lean as he is typically grows out of "brand name" CDs from the length well before the width, so now I get him custom made CDs from a mom-shop with extra rise in the waist.  These custom diapers usually set me back $15.

So for $15 I get a diaper I will use about 3 times a week, for at least a year.  So figure 156 wears of that one diaper in a year.  156 disposable diapers will set you back like $50; and if you figure 6 diapers a day... you get the idea.


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